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Visited to Huali group and colluded with the "big health" industrial ecosystem

Zhejiang youth creative community held the first station to create a mutual exchange of visits to Huali group On May 5, 2017. The general manager of Adamerck, Jie qin was invited to attend. The companies involved in the event are both famous companys in the pharmaceutical industry and "new talent" in the field of Internet medicine. During the meeting, Wang licheng first Shared the successful exploration of Huali group in the medical field and put forward the strategic layout of the thinking and platform concept of "big health" ecological circle. As engaged in ecosystem "great health" upstream "drug discovery", much attention has been paid to Adamerck, the general manager of Adamerck, Jie qin, Shared the burden of medical innovation drugs and generic drugs consistency evaluation in the field of achievements and platform advantage, can also wished that the company's advantage in creating "great health" will play a bigger role in ecosystem, helping more enterprise. In addition, dean diagnosis, tree orchid group, nine love science and technology, sound, and StarVC, huaxin zhiyuan investment group and other guests approved of ideas proposed by Wang Licheng. It is believed that with the joint efforts of all, the "big health industry" will surely usher in a bright future!


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