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【Celebrate the 19th CPC National Congress】 The leader of the gongshu district visited Adamerck

At the dawn of the 19Th CPC National Congress, Chen jie, deputy head of the standing committee of the district committee of the gongshu district of hangzhou, and ding zhiming, deputy director of the standing committee of the standing committee of the people's congress, visited Adamerck on the morning of October 13.

The general manager with the district leadership Jie Qing said, we caught up with the best of time of Chinese pharmaceutical development. "on the deepening of the review and approval system reform” published by General office of the CPC Central Committee, the general office of the State Council not only encourage innovation opinions of medical drugs, industry innovation, making people more quickly with China on the innovation of medicine, but also promote the Chinese pharmaceutical industry with international standards, gather global advanced life science and technology , and create the conditions to establish the world pharmaceutical and health Chinese power. In such healthy environment, Adamerck will play its leading innovation advantage, improve the innovation internationalization layout, achieve the corner overtaking.

The leaders of the District party Committee admired the office environment, the experimental condition and the flourishing corporate atmosphere. At the same time, they showed confidence to the future of the company, and fully supported innovation.

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